Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Endangered flower species

What follows is a sampling of endangered plants recently collected by garden botanists:

Moraea neopavonia is a south African wildflower threatened by wheat farming.

Barringtonia butonica is a member of the Brazil nut family from Madagascar.

Blossoms of the Madagascar Symphonia nectarifera tree.

Iliamna remota found only in virginia Indiana.

Symbolanthus pulcherrimus, a member of the gentian family native to Central America.

Gloxinia dodsonii was discored in Ecuador by Cal Dodson.

Lindmania holstii was named for Bruce Holst, who found it on a mesa in Venezuela.

Minquartia guianensis is a tree used throughout the Amazon region because it resists rot. Medicine men use it's bark to fight intestinal parasites, bronchial disorders, and tuberculosis.

In any temperate forest, such as a grove of oaks and hickories in Missouri, you find numerous trees but only a few species.
Metasequoia, or dawn redwood, long thought extinct until a forester in the 1940s found some growing near a mountain village in China.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Business Card Samples Created From Natural Wood Species

Author: nissiwood

Nissiwood now offers Business Card Samples, created from Natural Wood Species, for popularizing their business. Business cards from Nissiwood are unique products from real wood. These business card samples are made out of Nissiwood Micro thin plywood which are of two ply veneer construction and as thin as 0.4 mm (0.016"). These Nissiwood business card samples normally are in size 3.5'' x 2''. However Nissiwood can create custom size business cards. It has qualities of paper for printing; the wood feel on your business cards is what makes it so unique. These unique business card samples are smooth, flexible and printable by most Business Card printing techniques. Nissiwood Business Card samples are offered from 20 different species from all over the world. Wood business cards are manufactured by Nissiwood's own facilities which have the technical support from a wood tradition as old as year 1935.

Business card samples from real wood itself sounds unique. Comes in 20 species of wood. Each species of wood business cards has its own unique grain formation and texture. No two wood business cards are alike.

Wood Business Card samples from Nissiwood are flexible and can be put in a wallet like a normal paper Business card which will behave like paper and wont break like normal wood. This flexibility makes Nissiwood Business Cards unique.

Wood business card samples are smooth and can be printed using different printing techniques. Softness, surface smoothness and flexibility enhance printability on wood cards like paper. Yet feel the wood. These exclusive wood business cards do not need any enhancement by printing for attractive appearance like normal paper cards. Each wood business card is unique as nature provides. These business cards as thin as 0.4mm can be laser etched business cards or laser engraved business cards looks very elegant.

These wood Business card samples are also made from species having natural fragrance (Red Cedar, White Cedar, and Rosewood). These printed business cards will retain its typical natural smell and texture of the wood cards species.

Perfumed Wood Business Cards are unique business cards that are available only from Nissiwood. Nissiwood can customize printed business cards with your choice of perfume. Business card samples, perfumed are not available as these are custom made.

Combo Business Card samples are one side real wood and one side paper Business Cards which adds to the range of unique business cards Nissiwood have.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Many Faces Of Wildfires

Wildfires, they are big and they are dangerous. They can destroy anything that is in its path, and it can travel for miles and miles, taking lives and taking the homes of both animals and people. The fire can reach all the way to the top of trees, burning them until they look like burned matches. The grass can turn into ashes, plants can be burned up, and the sky will be filled with smoke. This smoke is thick and hard to see through, and it is hot like your being cooked in an oven. Your face, hair, and body will turn black from the smoke, and it can make you sick.

Smoke can make a person dizzy or sick, it can burn the eyes, cause you to cough, and it can do a lot other things as well. The smoke will look gray and black, and it can go really high and it can cloud up cities and towns if the wind causes it to. The smoke from the fire is very toxic, and it can harm your health. A wildfire can start by the smallest flame or a fire still smoldering, so you have to make sure a fire is out all the way. Don't throw something lit on the ground that can cause a fire to start. When a fire starts, put everyone in the area or areas in danger, and it ruins or damages the land.

When the smoke gets on your lungs, it makes you cough, wheeze, your skin to get irritated, your eyes to start to burn and water, your throat to get irritated, and can cause breathing problems. When this happens, you will have to go to the hospital to get checked out and get breathing treatments. If you get burned from the fire, you can be hospitalized depending on how bad you got burned and how big of areas the burns are. If you see a wildfire, get out of the area, and don't think that the fire won't get to your house because it can and it can burn your house to the ground in minutes. The fire can spread house to house through the neighborhood.

When wildfires are started, it takes minutes or seconds to spread, and the damage can be really bad and they are very hard to put out. It can take fire fighters days to put the fire out, depending on how big the fire is and how far it spreads. Firefighters have to deal with this every year. Some can be bad and others can be worse depending on how fast it burns, how high it gets, and how far the wind takes it. People and animals get injured like a few or hundreds at a time or they can die from the fire.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to Prevent Deforestation

Everyone in the world would do well to know how to prevent deforestation. The profound effects of deforestation on the world are getting increasingly worse. More and more natural disasters are occurring every year, in all parts of the world. The tsunami in Phuket, the disastrous, devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, and dozens of other disasters have left the communities they touch in ruins. Not so long ago, it seemed like we only needed to worry about deforestation in the rain forest. Now, however, it is occurring in every imaginable location. Trees and vegetation are being destroyed to make room for housing and businesses. The far reaching implications of this occurrence are almost too horrible to even consider – but we must, for the sake of our environment.

Every person can do his or her part to prevent deforestation. Doing so is surprisingly simple. Every individual gesture helps; the gesture may seem small right now, but each one is like a ripple in a pond, which grows larger and larger. In order to neutralise a negative event, one must counter it with a positive one. To counteract the removal of trees, simply plant some more. Doing this in the yard of one's own home can have a hugely positive effect. It also makes life healthier. After all, every tree, big or small, gives off oxygen. Trees also contain water, which guards and protects against soil erosion.

Naturally, recycling does wonders too. Quite a lot of things most people use in their day to day lives can be recycled. This includes books, paper products, shopping bags, bottles, and cans, just to name a few. This prevents the need for raw material to make new products. With paper products, this is especially important, as trees are, of course, used to make paper. Once, recycled paper seemed like a novelty. Now it is a necessity, and even some companies and businesses are using recycled products.

Those who farm the land should consider crop rotation. These means planting new crops in the plot of land from which other crops have recently been harvested. That way, new plots of land need not be used. Crop rotation actually makes for more fertile soil as well.

Sometimes, trees do have to be cut down. However, only mature trees should be cut. Saplings should be left to grow and thrive. It is also an excellent practice to make up for every tree cut down by planting a new tree.

Whenever possible, firewood should not be used to heat the house. Rather, coals are a much more environmentally safe alternative. Firewood is consumed in just a few hours. However, the tree which produced that wood took years to grow to maturity. Conversely, coals can burn for quite a while. They will not only keep the house warmer, they will also be safer for the environment and monumental in preventing deforestation.

Trees have long been a valuable resource. They provide food, oxygen, shade, and beauty. However, although with more and more animals and natural resources every year, they are in danger of disappearing altogether.

Tropical Deforestation


About the Author: Buy Deforested Land, help it regenerate, and protect it from exploitation again forever. You can do something about Global Warming and deforestation right now. The Wild Again Reforestation Trust relies on public donations to purchase deforested land.

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Not only have dinosaurs not been extinct for 70 million years, there is plenty of evidence that many are still alive today. The deception starts with the Rothschild dynasty who own many excavation sites around the globe. Remember, they are an illuminati family who wants to keep as many people unsure and unaware of mankinds beginnings as possible.
Dinosaurs & Things Game by Aristoplay

If you don't know where you came from, how on earth can you know where you're going? The fact is there are many references to living dinosaurs in the bible. Such is the case in: job: 41, Ps: 74:14 and Isa: 27, where they are referred to as "Leviathan". There are countless other passages that refer to "dragons" as well. As a matter of fact the term "Dinosaur" is a relatively modern term which means "terrible lizard". There are numerous ancient writings where dragons were referred to as living at the same times as humans.
Dinosaurs Extinct? Game by Briarpatch

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Older the Tree, the Harder the Wood

It may come as a surprise to learn how many different types of wood are used in furniture making, each one with their own specific properties, weight, density and grain.
Tree & Shrub Soaker Hose Ring

The hardwood Teak comes from the Teak (Tectona) tree, which grows in southern Asia. The teak is a 30 to 40 ft deciduous tree (its leaves fall off during the winter months). Hardwoods are those which have a high number of pores and a high density. In general hardwoods resist decay better than their softwood counterparts which makes them very suitable for outdoor and patio furniture. Much like cedar and cypress wood, teak has its own natural resins that protect it from damage from extreme weather conditions, especially damp rot. A common problem faced by woods is termite damage and teak is particularly resistant against these pests.
There are three different types of teak tree: the Tectona grandis (the common teak), the Tectona philippinensis (Phillippine teak) and the Tectona hamiltoniana (Dahat teak). The Dahat and Phillippine teak are now endangered and therefore the vast majority of teak furniture is crafted from the common teak tree.

Teak has been popular in furniture making for hundreds of years due to its attractive look and all round durability and was in great demand in the 1950’s and 60’s when the rise of the Danish Modern style arose. The wood is typically a rich golden brown, but can vary from very pale to dark terracotta red. However, like any other type of wood it can be stained, treated or painted to change its colour yet still look natural. Although not needed with teak, treated wood has the additional advantage of further protection against weather conditions. Its grain is straight, and the wood oily yet grainy.
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Although teak wood does have remarkable qualities that protect it against harsh weather, it is not limited to being used as outdoor furniture. It is commonly used as a veneer and is a fixture inside the home as flooring and general teak furniture like closets, tables and chairs.

The older the teak tree, the harder and denser the wood, which means it doesn’t split as easily as young trees. Although more expensive, older trees are more desirable in furniture making. Joining teak wood is relatively difficult due to its density, so these details are important to take into consideration when complicated furniture pieces such as chairs and plant boxes are made. Despite this, manufacturers of teak are experts in the profession and ensure the highest quality safety for the furniture that they make.

Teak can be used to make almost any type of patio furniture including chairs, tables, planters, pergolas, loungers, storage boxes, benches and rocking chairs. Its tropical look makes it great for use in the summer and look especially attractive placed near or directly on grass.
Mow-Over Tree Stakes

As an extremely durable hardwood, teak makes an attractive and sensible choice for the furniture that is placed in a back garden, patio or deck and after spanning many centuries, still remains a popular choice.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Animal Cruelty

What makes a common person a Serial Killer? According to research, serial killers exhibit what is known as the 'Triad of Warning Signs in Childhood.'1

Indicators include:

* Firestarting, invariably just for the thrill of destroying things * Cruelty to Animals: Most children can be cruel to animals, such as pulling the legs off of spiders, but future serial killers often kill larger animals, like dogs and cats, and frequently for their solitary enjoyment rather than to impress peers. * Bedwetting beyond the age when children normally grow out of such behavior.

One of society's more notorious serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer explained that wanted to remove 'free will' from his victims so that they would stay with him. In his past, he suffered from abandonment and was afraid of loss and any social upheaval. Another one of his extremely displaced characteristics was that he suffered from low self-esteem. His parents divorced during his teens, and when he did go to college, he performed badly. Upon examination of three psychologists, Dahmer was found to be manipulative, resistant and evasive.2 Further studies of Dahmer revealed that he could not tolerate rejection or abandonment; and that control was the number one factor for him. One clue to his unusually sick behavior was that even in his relationships, Dahmer did not gratify his sexual partners - instead, Dahmer always expected to be pleased by them.

According to Pat Brown's Book, Killing for Sport: Inside the Minds of Serial Killers '...serial killers are of average intelligence....most have low level jobs and make poor decisions. ' And, ' is exactly these poor decisions that get them in trouble on their jobs, in their relationships, and in their crimes.'

Based on studies, serial killers usually choose victims that they can easily overpower, such as persons having short height and low weight. Additionally, 'serial killing is not about sex at all, but about power and control and revenge on society.' 2

Ted Bundy, who murdered at least 36 women, was known for his expressed desire to acquire things. From theft, to the importance of social standing, he pined to break free from the working class from which he was born. Additionally, he 'needed' to possess expensive items as well. Per research, Ted came from a single-parent home, was a severe sexual deviate; and women threatened him. He felt the need to not only control them, but to incapacitate them as well. As a teenager, Ted Bundy became known for his violent temper.

But what do serial killers like Dahmer, Bundy and others like them have in common?

'Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Andrew Cunanan, David 'Son of Sam' Berkowitz, and Albert 'Boston Strangler' DeSalvo were ALL cruel to animals before they started hurting people.'6 Subsequently, killer teenagers Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold (Columbine HS), and Kip Kinkel were also known for their past history of animal cruelty. In the study from of 'The Care of pets within child abusing families,' presented by DeViney & Lockwood, 88 percent of the homes were animal abuse had occurred, children were also abused.

In conclusion, I summise this important literature from the San Francisco Chronicle commentary by Margo DeMello:

"...every time we hear of a young person abusing an animal, it is explained away by family and often authorities as a 'youthful indiscrection'...What the authorities and parents of these young men fail to realize is that their behavior may signal that something is wrong with these men, which could very easily escalate into something much worse. The evidence is not just anecdotal; numerous studies, including the 1998 work of Randall Lockwood and Frank R. Ascione ("Cruelty to Animals and Interpersonal Violence," Purdue University Press), have shown that children who engage in animal cruelty are more likely to commit more violent acts as adults. There is also a strong link between abuse of animals and domestic violence, with animal abusers much more likely to batter their wives or girlfriends as well...

Youthful violence toward animals is a very serious issue, and it needs to be taken seriously by not only animal advocates like myself, but by those who are concerned about violence in our society." - Margo DeMello, Ph.D.,

� 2005 Animal Cruelty: The Key to Serial Minds by C. Bailey-Lloyd aka. Lady Camelot Public Relations Director & Staff Writer
Serial Killers (2pk)


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About the author: C. Bailey-Lloyd aka. Lady Camelot Public Relations Director & Staff Writer